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 "Neue Mittelschule Müllerstraße" in Innsbruck is a secondary school for 10 to 14 year old girls and boys.

Our school has a focus on creativity. Therefore we have small groups in Art, learn something about the history of fine arts or creative techniques, work with videos and photos, go for excursions to the city, to galleries or into nature to get inspiration and materials or to perform art in every possible form we can think of. Just have a click at our "Chronik" buttons to find out more.

Since the school year 2009/10 we have a new type of school in an experimental form, called "Neue Mittelschule". Beginning with the first forms it should start a new age of education in Austria.

 There are smaller groups, new forms of teaching and learning (e.g. less splitting into different subjects vs. more projects involving as many subjects as possible, less ex-cathedra teaching vs. more tutoring by teachers, team teaching and self-dependent learning by students, increased use of new communication technologies and PCs) and individual aid for students with special learning needs.

 As Austria has no comprehensive school system yet, it's also important, that there are mixed teams of teachers for "Hauptschule" and "Gymnasium" (=Grammar School) as a possible first step into a common future.